Techniques used

In addition to needling acupuncture points, a traditional acupuncture treatment may include other Chinese medicine techniques such as:


_dsc0035_1_dsc0015_2Application of heat using moxa (therapeutic herbs) and/or heat lamps to warm and relax muscles and energy meridians. For indirect heat stimulation, the moxa can be used in the form of a stick or it can be placed onto the needle to warm it gently. Direct moxibustion involved rolling cones, which are placed on specific points on the body and lit.






Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage)

To relieve muscle tension, stimulate acupressure points, open energy meridians and stimulate the flow of qi.



electroknee_300ppi_a5_021aA very low frequency electrical current (1Hz) is applied to the needle to increase blood flow, relax muscle tissue and clear stagnant qi. Electro-acupuncture is often used to aid musculo-skeletal issues, but is also more and more used for patient with certain fertility issues.





_dsc0021cuping_picGlass cups with a vacuum seal are placed on the skin to stimulate blood flow and clear stagnant qi. It is sometimes also called fire cupping, as a flame is used to create the vacuum. Rest assured, the flame does not touch the body!

An alternative way to create the vacuum, is by using specially made plastic cups with a valve, so a pump will be used.





Ear Acupuncture


In addition to acupuncture on the body, I might also decide to insert smaller needles superficially in the ear(s). Ear seeds could be used on the same points, which can remain in the ear for a while after the treatment.