Acupuncture with a trained and fully qualified practitioner is one of the safest and longest established forms of healthcare. It is suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women and children, and can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine.

Traditional Acupuncture differs from Western acupuncture (sometimes also called dry needling) often used by physiotherapists/GPs/osteopaths/etc. after they have attended a short course. This technique has its benefits mainly in pain relief and uses basic acupuncture techniques such as needling local tender points (which we call Ahshi points) with perhaps some standard acupuncture pain relief points – to often good effect. It doesn’t, however, involve a full traditional diagnosis as taken in the initial consultation of a Traditional Acupuncturist, which, in my opinion, results in a more holistic approach of the issue. My degrees in Sports Sciences and in Acupuncture have given me a foundation in the Western approach to anatomy, physiology and pathology, but my Traditional Diagnosis is based on the Chinese medical approach to health, i.e. the balance of Qi, Yin and Yang, etc., which also takes in to account the emotional wellbeing of the patient. I also learnt to apply this theory under supervision during 9 months of clinical practice, before graduating.

British Acupuncture Council

members_rgb_posWith over 3,000 members the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) is the UK’s largest regulatory body for practitioners of traditional acupuncture. The BAcC is a founder member of the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) and maintains high standards of training, safe practice and professional conduct.



Acupuncturists registered with the BAcC carry the letters MBAcC after their name. When you choose to visit a BAcC member you can be sure of:

  •  Extensive training (minimum three years degree level), including anatomy, physiology, and other appropriate elements of western medicine
  • Adherence to the Council’s Codes of Safe Practice and Professional Conduct
  • Compliance with current health and safety legislation
  • Full medical malpractice and public/products liability insurance cover
  • Up-to-date knowledge and skills maintained by mandatory continuing professional development
  • Many BAcC members undertake postgraduate study of common health conditions.

Zita West Affiliate

zw_aff_acu_logo_pos_processZita West affiliated acupuncturists specialize in all aspects of male and female reproductive health.

All acupuncturist members of the network have received training in Zita’s unique holistic approach to achieving optimum reproductive health as well as the diagnostic processes and treatment protocols followed at our London clinic. Members also have access to the Clinic and other members of the network for consultation and general advice.





Benefits of choosing a Zita West Affiliated acupuncturist

  • Wide-ranging Medical and Complementary Health Experience: By choosing a Zita West affiliated acupuncturist you will not only get the benefit of your practitioner’s individual expertise, and the experience of other network members, but the training and support of Zita and her colleagues too. The Zita West Clinic helps thousands of women and men each year, at every stage of the reproductive cycle. This provides us with an unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge to be shared with members of the network.
  • Exclusive Discounts on Zita West Clinic Services: Choosing a Zita West affiliated practitioner also provides you with unique access to a range of other Zita West services – some of which are available by phone as well as in person – at special discounted prices.
  • Special Discounts on the Zita West Range of Nutritional Products: Clients of member practitioners are also entitled to further discounts on Zita’s best-selling range of premium nutritional supplements for fertility, pregnancy and breast-feeding too (20% off RRP ex p&p). Similar discounts are available on our range of books, CDs, cosmetic products and gift-sets as well.
  • Free Fact Sheets to Help Boost Your Fertility and Pep up Your Pregnancy: All member practitioners of the Zita West network have access to a range of Zita West factsheets containing useful guidance on how to improve you and your partner’s reproductive health, from general advice on such things as diet and nutrition for male and female fertility and for pregnancy, to valuable tips on weight management and exercise, plus guidance on how to relax and de-stress. These are available to clients free of charge.

Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority accredits registers so you can be confident when choosing health and care practitioners. When you’re looking for a health or care practitioner it can be hard to know where to start. The Authority makes sure that the public is protected when choosing and using health and care services by independently assessing organisations who register practitioners, who are not regulated by law, working both within and outside the NHS.  Accredited registers help people get better care by ensuring that the health practitioners they register are competent and trustworthy