Where I practice

November/December 2017 appointments:

Unfortunately after informing Crofton Healthcare on 13th November 2017 about my move in January 2018, I was told 2 days later I wouldn’t be able to use their rooms any longer, with immediate effect. I am aware that I had a lot of patients booked in to see me (I don’t have access to their booking system and wasn’t supplied with a list), but please be assured I have your best interests at heart. I hope that Crofton contacts you and informs you of the changes, explaining what has happened and who you will be seeing.

In the meantime, we have managed to get the new room re-decorated and licenced a month earlier then expected! For December, I am now slotting in the patients who wanted to be seen by me and had been added to a waiting list. Feel free to contact me if you are interested as well (email link above). Mainly weekday daytime slots are still available.

New Premises from 6th January 2018:

The Victoria Chiropractic Clinic in Woking was established over 40 years ago.  These centrally located premises offer a broad range of therapies that complement and extend the scope of the clinic. This gives you the best opportunity to promote your overall health and wellbeing.

As the clinic continues to grow the values remain the same: expertise, high levels of service and a friendly but modern feel. I have worked very closely with the Clinic Manager and Chiropractor Nicola Worrill BSc (Hons) PhD, DC, in the set-up of a newly decorated room, specifically tailored to the practice of acupuncture.

UPDATE 7th December:

And we are in!

The new room is ready and licenced. I love the feel of the room and am looking forward to starting my first full session on Saturday, 9th December!

From this…….



…… to this, in only 3 weeks!

A big thank you to all the staff at the Victoria Chiropractic Clinic for all their help.

Contact details:

Sycamore House, Chobham Road, Woking  GU21 4AA
Telephone: 01483 723 688

You can now book ahead for 2018 appointments by ringing the clinic direct. Online booking facility should be available soon.

The Victoria Clinic is located on the edge of Woking town centre, with free on-site parking at the back (only limited spaces available, but patients leaving about every 15 mins) and is only a short walk from the shoppers’ car parks (2 mins from Brewery Road Car Park) and Woking mainline station. In addition, vouchers for on-street parking are available for purchase from the clinic reception. Please notify me if using these, so I can assure you do not exceed the 1hr maximum parking slot.

The clinic is also only 3 minutes drive, 15 minutes walk from the Woking Nuffield Victoria Wing and the walkable distance to Woking Mainline station means easy access to London fertility clinics.

Clinic times:

Mondays: 8.00am-3.00pm
Wednesdays: 8.00am-3.00pm
Saturdays:  8.00am-1.00pm

As usual, earlier starts due to early transfer times are not a problem and some flexibility is possible if needed.

WE WILL ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO FIT PATIENTS IN ASAP, BUT I DO GET VERY BUSY. If planning to have acupuncture alongside IVF, especially if you would prefer Saturday slots, please contact me or the clinic well in advance (preferably a few weeks before the start of your cycle, so we can look ahead and schedule – see tips on treatment schedules on the Assisted Conception page), to avoid the added stress of trying to find appointments at the last minute.

If you would prefer to find out whether acupuncture can help you first before contacting the clinic, please use the e-mail at the top right of the page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Initial appointment 1 hr: £ 60.00
Follow-up appointments 1 hr: £ 50.00
Embryo-transfer: £ 120.00  –  2 treatments of 1 hour each, usually immediately before and after ET – please see the extra page on Assisted Conception Schedules to find out how this works.