Covid-19 Safe Practice Protocol

Commitment by Patient

  1. There is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate if testing positive for Covid-19. As our clinic is a healthcare setting and bearing in mind that a substantial proportion of our patients are considered more vulnerable, we will still request NOT to attend if positive. You also need to remain in self isolation at least 5 full days after the first day of symptoms + 2 negative lateral flows on consecutive days (if fully vaccinated – 10 days if not).
  2. Be aware that the Omicron variant can also manifest with more regular cold symptoms, such as sore throat, runny nose, sneezing or a headache.
  3. If you live in the same household as someone who has tested positive or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive, please only attend if you do not have any symptoms. If still available, a recent negative lateral flow test would be an extra confirmation. Contact me, if in any doubt to attend, so we can then undertake a personalised risk assessment.
  4. Wear a clean mask, unless exempt. As a healthcare setting, we are still keeping this safety precaution in place for the safe-keeping of both patients and staff.
  5. The front door and waiting room are open, but feel free to notify my if you prefer to wait to be collected in the car park. Adhere to 2m distancing once inside the premises.
  6. Bring along your own large bath towel or fleece blanket to cover yourself for warmth and privacy.

Commitment by the Practitioner:

  1. All surfaces will be disinfected in between each patient. All soft furnishings are wipe-clean only. Clean needling techniques will of course apply, as they did before Covid-19. The clinic room will also be regularly aired and a HEPA filter will be regularly used in addition. I also disinfect smaller items at regular intervals with UV-light.
  2. The practitioner will adhere to the usual clinic/hand hygiene already in place before the Covid-19 issues and additionally will wear daily laundered workwear, a clean facemask and apron. I have taken and passed the WHO “Hand Hygiene”, “How to put on PPE” and “Infection Prevention and Control for Novel Corona Virus” courses. In addition, I have also passed several NHS hygiene and infection control courses related to vaccination and was a trained vaccinator with CSH Surrey.
  3. I am lucky to be able to work in a well aired and large enough treatment room, which assures us enough space to be able to limit the closer contact time to the actual treatment itself only.
  4. I am still testing regularly to assure I stay Covid free. Should a test turn out positive, I will inform all patients seen within the last 48hrs. I will also still self isolate for at least 5 days and only return to work after 2 consecutive negative tests. In I am happy to confirm however that, on top of still having natural anti-bodies present in June & December 2020 and June 2021, I also have received 3 vaccine doses.
  5. When the treatment is finished, the practitioner will guide the patient to the waiting area, where the patient can pay and possibly re-book. Please adhere to 2m distancing rule to save our fellow practitioners, patients and desk staff. The clinic has its own safe practice protocol in place, so desk employees will have their own protocols to adhere to, including disinfecting the payment machines and heavy traffic areas at regular time intervals.

Nadia Sempels –